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What are your prices for your work?

This is the most common question I get from my clients. First it depends on the type of the task. Obviously portrait photos cost more than event photos. Second I always ask how much you can afford. This usually helps the client to decide how much he/she is willing to pay for a photo shoot. Therefore I cannot tell you an exact price, it always depends on the type of the work. The options are flexible. There are different packages so I hope everyone can find the best for themselves.

What if I cannot choose among the packages?

There is no problem because the packages are not fixed, we can change them to suit your needs. You can request extra services from a well-prepared list. And if you have some special demands we can agree on them too.

What do you take photos of?

Anything, but my favorites are events and portraits (not surprisingly that is what I am very good at). I enjoy working with people, but I also like to walk in nature and in foreign cities. However it also happens that I have to work in situations which I do not like. Of course I don't mind that because I am always looking for new challenges and opportunities.

Where can I find your photos?

Primarily on my webpage. If you click on the main page or on Galleries in the menu you can find my pictures organized into thematic groups. I also regularly post my photos on Facebook. Please note that all the pictures there are my own work. I never post anything without the assent of my clients, but if you wish to see more of my photos I can send you some which are not available on my page.

Why do I need a Professional photographer?

In every family there is an uncle, a cousin, a brother who likes to take pictures at family celebrations. Of course they can substitute the pro photographer on birthday parties, weddings, christenings and other important events. But the question is whether you can make do with blurred, noisy, overexposed photographs. There is only one graduation ceremony, one christening, one 60th birthday in life. Aren't they worth of hiring a professional to have the best quality pictures of the most memorable moments of your life. If we want to have a house we hire builders and carpenters, don't we?

Why should I choose you?

If someone looks around there are plenty of photographers, some of them willing to go anywhere for job. It is good to think before you decide. Think about what you consider important in a photographer. I know that everyone has different preferences. Some of us admire impressive photo studios and the size of the camera lens, for others it is the photographer's personality and his previous works which matters. Choose according to your individual priorities

How can I hire you?

Take the following steps: click on contacts. Here you can find all the information you need. You can choose the old way and send me an email. You can also write me on Facebook or on my webpage. There you can also check my schedule to see if I am available at the given time. And if I am not just write me, I will try to be flexible.

I would like to highlight that I do not provide any information about the packages and the prices via telephone.

Through email we agree on the basic details. Moreover each package includes a face-to-face consultation so that I could get to know your expectations. After that I can start working.

How does a photo shoot work?

It depends on the type of the task. The most problematic is to shoot portraits. The question that crops up most is: Who rules during the shooting? None of us. I am open to new things. If you come up with a new idea, if you would like to have a picture that you saw at your friend I am ready to make it. There is no problem.

Who can attend the shooting? For my part I am usually working alone, sometimes I have an assistant. You can bring anyone you like: your friend, girlfriend etc. The point is that the more people you invite the more chaotic it will be. Plus do not forget that in front of a lot of people you can get shy and that does not do any good to your photos. Under 18 the presence of an adult (parents, sisters etc.) is required!

What is the atmosphere like on the shooting? While doing my job I always focus on two things. First is to make the best possible photos of the person. Second is to satisfy the client. Meanwhile I also try to create a friendly atmosphere where everyone can feel relaxed.

I am not photogenic. All my pictures are bad. I am camera shy. What is your advice?

Do not panic! There is a solution to all these problems (if they really exist). No one is really photogenic (except of models), we are not used to being photographed (selfies do not count as a photo, they are made by you). Moreover we are too self-critical. There is a difference between how others see us and how we perceive ourselves. Your friends and family loves you as you are, and they want to see the real you on the photos. Start trying to love yourself. If that happens your pictures will get better too. For those who are shy I would suggest to relax before the shooting. Do not worry, no one will hurt you. I will take the first pictures from a distance so that you can get used to my presence. If you get rid of your fears we can take the close-up sexy photos. One more thing: I take only pictures that suit your personality. If you don't want to climb a tree, you don't have to...

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